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Capture the flavor of the island & Enjoy Cozumel on our private taxi tour service with one of our friendliest cabbies.

Tour the island safely and comfortably on a Car for up to 4 persons or on a Van for up to 9 persons.

In three or more hours you can visit places you normaly dont see on a regular tour, see Cozumel from a local's point of view, you can visit our local market to buy real Mexican vainilla or any other mexican product, tour San Miguel´s downtown area, visit the mayan ruins at San Gervasio, the tequila factory in the old mission, explore the far side of the island breath taking views, enjoy a tastiest ceviche, a fabulous lunch at a restaurant on the beach, stop at el Mirador for a fresh coconut water, climb the lighthouse at Punta Sur park for a gorgeous view, snorkel at Playa Palancar beach, Shop at stores with good prices, with our service you will find many options to meet your needs.

The Car

For those of you visiting Cozumel for the first time or if you are not familiar with the Island, once in here we can give you some options of the popular stops that you can visit. this is a private tour, so if you like a place more than the other ones, you can stay less or longer time there. It's up to you.

The Van



Our vehicles come equipped with ice cold A/C, CD player and a cooler, if you choose to buy beverages and ice during your tour.

We offer these island tours since 2008 so many guests recommend us at TripAdvisor and Cruise Critic blogs.

Popular stops suggested


El Mercado

The local market where the locals all go to make purchases of food and other necessitie.


Chocolate Factory

Small chocolate factory opened in 2007. family business makes fresh, handmade, Mexican-origin chocolate. Chocolates are made in-house, the artisan way. Discover the world and magic of Mayan cacao - Get to know all what you always wanted to ask about chocolate making !!


San Gervasio Ruins

As of today, these Mayan ruins are the #1 archaeological site in Cozumel. As of today San Gervasio is the most important mayan site in the island. San Gervasio was a sacred mayan site dedicated to the goddess Ixchel (goddess of fertility) plus a estrategic site for commerce and politics in the area. You can become part of the mayan culture and its mysteries. Don't miss on mayan history!

Tequila history & Tasting Tour

A Cozumel trip would not be complete without tequila - that liquor from the agave, sacred to the Aztecs, has a rich history in Mexico. The blue agave's tequila is still sacred to Mexicans and tourists alike - and should not be missed. In an open-air building sit rows and rows of tequila bottles. The tour is interesting and you will love the tastings, in small paper cups. The "good stuff" is indeed silky smooth, but you may have to suffer through "cherry," and "orange" tequila, though the almond tequila has a smoky flavor and the coffee tequila has a strong, good taste, as well. The cream tequila tastes a little like amaretto. The shots are small, but numerous.The mezcal, as expected, is strong.

Turtle Nests

In the months of the season (June - Sept) when the turtles come to lay their eggs on the wild side sandy beaches, maybe you will have the opportunity to see as the little turtles leave the nest.


For fish, tacos, quesadillas, guacamole, chips and salsa or mexican food you can try Palancar beach, Playa Bonita or Pescaderia San Carlos & Casa Mission.


You can stop at Coconuts for an amazing view to sip a drink or take pictures looking the caribbean from the highest cliff of Cozumel

Playa Palancar (Beach)

Is one of the favorite local Cozumel beaches on the leeward side of the island. It has charm and has a few creature comforts. One of the specialties on the Menu is Fish Tacos. Just beyond the restaurant is one of Cozumel's sandy beaches in all its glory! Lots of tropical foliage around and a very comfortable covered hammock area to rest in. They run snorkel trips to Colombia and Palancar reefs, the boats come to the beach and pick you up or just tip a snorkel guide so he can show you the best spots to see fish & marine life and you can snorkel close to shore on your own.

El Mirador

Is preserved in its most natural state. The large rock formations jut out into the open ocean. El Mirador was carved by years of ocean waves splashing against the rocks. El Mirador consists large rock formations which can be climbed and walked across to the end, where the ocean spray meets El Mirador. The rock formations are craggy in spots and have some natural bridges and tidal pools whirling around. There are uneven spots and some holes in the rocks to be aware of when walking across El Mirador.

Punta Sur

Punta Sur is the biggest natural eco reserve in Cozumel island more than 2,700 acres. Enjoy the most beautifull beach of Cozumel, climb up our Celarain lighthouse, take amazing photos of crocodiles, exotic birds, fish and flowers. Spectacular panoramic views, visit the navigation museum. Amaze yourself with the Colombia lagoon and our mayan ruin "El Caracol".

A quick tip or your visit is to make sure to take plenty of cash. A lot of places outside San Miguel do not accept credit/debit cards as there is no internet service and the power to the "Wild Side" of the Island is largely from Generators. Prices are reasonable, just take cash.

Side Trips


3 Reef Snorkel Tour (Advance Reservation Needed)

Our snorkel tour is the best way to spend your day in Cozumel. Visit three shallow reefs in the Cozumel Reef Park on board of our comfortable glass bottom boats where you’ll be able to see the sea and admire Cozumel’s marvelous marine life.

Mayan Vow Renewal at Chankanaab Park (Advance Reservation Needed)

If you are planning to renew your vows as a pure, ancient blessing of love, this is the perfect solution for you and your better half. This beautiful park offers you the perfect landscape to create the magical atmosphere needed for a Mayan Ritual.... its amazing jungle, and the crystal water of the Caribbean ocean present the most beautiful landscape for this meaningful ceremony.

Shopping & More


Farmacia Dori

During your tour of the Island, you could also stop by one of the local pharmacies, Farmacia Dori. They have bilingual personnel and they're known for their excellent customer service; they've been in business for more than 40 years tending to all of the Island's needs. This pharmacy, which is located downtown, by the market, has all sorts of medications, shampoos, soaps, toosthpaste, etc. etc.


Los Cinco Soles

The most spectacular store in Cozumel. An incredible variety of Mexico's irresistible art and crafts awaits you.

Of course if you are a Cozumel regular or have done some research on your own, our drivers can follow YOUR itinerary!



Cost of the tour on a Car for up to 4 persons is usd$107.00 for the first 3 hours tour + usd$25.00 for each additional hour.

Cost of the tour on a Van for up to 9 persons is usd$195.00 for the first 3 hours tour + usd$40.00 for each additional hour, these prices are per vehicle not per person.

Beverages, lunch, park admissions, etc. are not included in the prices and are your responsibility.

We have 2 baby seats available for rent, both are for new born and up to 40 lbs or 18 kg. price is $10 dlls. each, if you want to rent one, please ask for it when you make your reservation.

In order to confirm, once I receive your online reservation, we will e-mail a paypal advance deposit invoice request which you can pay with Paypal funds or any credit card online, and the balance should be paid to the driver at the end of the tour.

We need you to fill up the online reservation format, and then we will e-mail an invoice request and with-in two clicks you can send us usd$62.00 for the Car and usd$100.00 for the Van as a deposit online with paypal funds or credit card, upon receiving the deposit we will send you back your confirmation & deposit receipt with instructions on where to meet your driver, please print it out and bring it with you.

Balance due should be paid to the driver at the end of the taxi tour.

If you are arriving via cruise ship and are unable to dock in Cozumel at all, deposit will be refunded.

We can refund the deposit in full with a written request by email, with at least two week notice. Within two weeks - 48 hours, a 50% refund will be given. Every refund will be made 7 days after the request. No refunds will be given if you cancel within 48 hours or for no-shows. Full refunds will be given in the event that your cruise ship does not make port.

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