Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, all the cruise trips to the Island of Cozumel have been cancelled. For this reason our Island will have no tourists, therefore no income for the next couple of months.

In order to help ourselves throughout this ordeal, we are selling oil paintings featuring Cozumel landmarks like El Mirador, Playa Palancar, the Mayan Ruins, etc.

You should know, that I, the owner, am the artist that creates these paintings, and signs them as “CLEITIS”, which has been my nick name ever since I was in grade school because we used to play baseball, and all my friends in the team took the names of big league players at the time, so mine was Cletis Boyer who was 3rd base in the Yankees, and that was also my position in the team! The extra “I” in the name is to make it sound better in Spanish.

If you are interested in supporting our small business during this time and want to have a beautiful memory of Cozumel, please get in contact to order a painting with us. Thank you very much for your help.

Altata Beach

Painting Information:

The paintings are done on bristol paper.

Size without a frame is 8.5×11 inches (21.5×28 cm).
Size with a frame is 15×12.5 inches (38.5×32 cm.)

Price without a Frame: $75.00 USD
Price with a gallery type Frame: $85.00 US

Shipping Cost:

by Fedex (2 to 3 days) USA & CANADA $70.00 US
by Mexican post mail (20 to 30 days) USA & CANADA $15.00 US

Comments or Information Request for shipping cost for the rest of the world, please fill out the form: